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Set measurements unit: feet, meters or both
Set measurements unit: feet, meters or both

How to change measurements, choose between metric and imperial system, set rounding rules.

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You can define measurement units for your plans and also define how the rounding should be made.

First, go to the styling tool in Cubicasa.

  1. Log in the web portal

  2. Click on Settings in the menu on the left

  3. Select the Styling

  4. Click the edit button of an existing style or press the Create new button

Define the units

You have three options, note that they affect measurements AND area calculation

  • Metric: plans will be rendered using the metric system, for example, 2.5m x 1.8m

  • Imperial: plans will be rendered using the imperial system (feet and inches), for example, 7’6″ x 3’4″

  • Both: If you select this unit you will get your floor plans in both units, metric and imperial.

Note: remember that for each plan you can always download copies with no measurements printed at all.


For the metric system

Simply define the number of decimals you would like, examples are given for 7 meters and 13 centimeters:

  • No decimals, ex. 7m

  • One decimal, ex. 7.1m

  • Two decimals, ex. 7.13m

We recommend using only 1 decimal. No decimals might be too vague, and 1 decimals is enough for future owners to evaluate how things will fit and he keeps the plan easy to read.

For the imperial system

Preferences vary from one place to the other, so we have all options to get you covered, examples are given for 7 feet 4 inches

  • to the closest inch, ex 7'4, (this is the default value)

  • to the closest tenth of a foot, ex. 7.3

  • to the closest half foot, ex. 7 1/2

  • to the closest foot, ex. 7

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