Choosing your area breakdown.

Depending on your region, market, and how you are using the floor plan, you may need the square footage displayed in a specific way.

We have multiple ways of displaying the area of the home that you can choose from in your styling options:

  • GIA (Gross Internal Area) – This includes most finished areas, but not areas like garages or unfinished basements. Most real estate photographers and real estate agents will want to use this number. Exterior walls are also not included in this calculation.

  • With the purchase of the GLA add-on, also the GLA (Gross Living Area) – The GLA option aligns to ANSI to determine what is included. This is what appraisers, or real estate professionals in regions that require GLA on listing floor plans would use.

  • Total scanned area – This includes ALL scanned areas, including porches, balconies, external wall thickness, etc. This number is mostly useful in determining the overall size of your floor plan for pricing.

Note: If you have purchased the GLA Add-on, the GLA breakdown will be displayed at the bottom of your floor plan if you have the “Total Scanned Area” selected.

You have the option to turn on or off the total area displayed on your floor plans on the Styling Tab under “Add estimated total area element to the floor plan”.

All scans made with the CubiCasa App will now show the total area if you enable it on the Styling Tab.

The Gross Internal Area (GIA) is the area of a building measured to the internal face of the perimeter walls at each floor level, it does NOT include the following areas:

  • terrace

  • balcony

  • deck

  • patio

  • porch

  • garage

  • veranda

  • conservatory

  • unfinished basement/ area

These areas are calculated and listed under ‘Excluded spaces:’, but not added to the total area.

External walls are NOT included in the GIA. However, interior walls are included in the total GIA.

Some labels will be ignored, not included nor excluded, here are the main examples:

  • carport

  • open to below

  • outdoor

  • stable

  • swimming pool

  • yard

  • garden

GIA's example

If you purchase our Digital GLA add-on, you will receive the GLA at the bottom of your listing floor plan (by selecting the “Total Scanned Area” option in the Styling Tab), and the GLA Package which includes the GLA Report which displays the GLA sketch (red/green) with the Gross Living Area (GLA), which is the total area of finished, above-grade residential space; calculation by measuring the outside perimeter of the structure and includes only finished, habitable, above-grade living space. External and internal walls are included.

Please note that the finished area in the basement is never considered to be GLA by the appraiser.

CubiCasa Digital GLA follows the ANSI Z765-2021 calculation standard.

Areas marked as green are calculated in the final GLA Area. The calculated green area value is shown as the area description next to the main green area on that level.

Areas marked with red are NOT calculated in the GLA Area. These areas also have the area description.

You can add or remove rooms from the GLA based on their space properties by following the instructions on the New GLA Flow.

GLA example

The Total Scanned Area includes ALL scanned areas, including porches, balconies, external wall thickness, etc. Usually, you would not display the total scanned area on your floor plan, this is mostly used to determine if your order will have the additional fee of $10/10€.

Total Scanned Area example

We would also advise you to watch the webinar we hosted on August 3rd.

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