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Show rooms areas alongside or instead of room measurements

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Rooms measurements can be deceptive for rooms that are not rectangular as we display the largest measurements between walls. Therefore L-shaped rooms or room with some entry hall won't give the best information to potential buyers.
You can display the actual area of each room whatever its shape (read more about how we calculate the area here), you simply need to set it up in your styling options.

How to

First, go to the styling tool in Cubicasa.

  1. Log in the web portal

  2. Click on Settings in the menu on the left

  3. Select the Styling

  4. Click the edit button of an existing style or press the Create new button

In the form, quite at the beginning, after you set the units and the rounding you'll see the option Area display with 3 choices:

Dimensions only

It will display the width and length (taken at the widest point in the room)

Dimensions and area

It will display the dimensions as define above followed by the room area

Area only

It will display the area of the room without the dimensions

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