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Tracking lost and relocation
Tracking lost and relocation

How to get back on track during a scan if the location is lost

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As you might have guessed, our app is using your location while your scanning to make sure we get the right information to draw the floor plan.

Sometimes, technical issues or interferences can make your device lose its location mid scan. When that happens, the app will interrupt the scan and walk you (literally) through a few steps to relocate you and allow the scan to continue as if nothing happened.

Note: The relocation feature is exclusive to iOS devices.

How it works

1. When the scan is interrupted, the App will show this message on your screen: “Tracking lost due to mishandling the device
"Keep the device in scanning position at all times"
In that case click on the "Relocate" button.

2. After you click on “Relocate”, the following message will appear on your screen:
Go back"
"Go back and rescan the previous space”.
Click on "OK", then go back to the last room you scanned and scan it again.

3. While you are scanning the previous room, your screen will turn yellow, with the message:


"Please scan a previously scanned area"

While you are on that screen the app tries to recognize the features of the last scanned room.

4. After the App has recognized the previous room, your screen will turn green with the message:

“We have relocated! "

"You can now continue your scan

5. After you see this screen, you can continue your scan normally.

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