Before you scan

Ensure a successful scan by avoiding potential known issues.

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A few tips on how to prepare the site before you start scanning.

  1. Make sure you have enough battery to last throughout the scan. We recommend at least 50% battery, however, you shouldn’t need more than 5%.

  2. Take a few minutes to walk through the building paying close attention to the path that you will take while scanning. Try to find a logical route that doesn’t revisit areas if possible. Areas that are not scanned won’t be included in your plans.

  3. Turn on the Airplane mode. By switching your phone into airplane mode, incoming calls or alerts will not interrupt the scan. If the scan is interrupted, you’ll have to start over.

  4. Remove any camera blocking cases and external lenses. We can’t process scans that are taken through an external lens or if something blocks the camera.

  5. Turn on all lights and open curtains/blinds. The more light, the better.

  6. To ensure easy access to all rooms and spaces while scanning, open all doors that lead into rooms you intend to scan.

Check out this video to learn the best practices while scanning:

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