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  1. Make sure there's enough lighting: Turn on all lights, open shutters and curtain.

  2. Plan your path as you need to scan the whole property in one continuous scan (including all floors and any detached garage/porch).

  3. Open doors before scanning. If you can't don't open/close them in front of the camera.

Scanning techniques

  1. Point the camera straight ahead toward the walking direction. Don't walk sideways, it will affect accuracy.

  2. Walk along the walls as much as possible, ensuring baseboards and floor are in the frame.

  3. Don't stand in the middle of the rooms to pan, move back and forth if needed, otherwise it will affect accuracy.

  4. Scan no closer than 5 feet (1.5 meters) and no farther than 11 feet (3 meters) from walls and furniture.

  5. Turn slowly and back out of narrow spaces rather than turning around.

  6. Scan smaller spaces through the door opening without entering the space.

Special instructions


  1. Pause and pan to cover all furnitures and especially wall cabinet


  1. You should only scan ceilings that are less than 7 feet.

  2. For slopped/vaulted ceilings: scan at a slight upwards angle so the ceiling and other context are visible in the frame.

  3. Do not scan ceilings for over 5 seconds.

Watch an example of a CubiCasa scan to see how it works in practice:

Landscape scanning

  1. For landscape scanning tilt the device slightly down.

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