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Resize labels and dimensions

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You can alter the text sizes for the room names and dimensions. You can do that using our QuickEdit tool and following our instructions below.

Resize all labels at the same time

In the upper menu you have 2 icons to increase and decrease the size of all labels at the same time:

Resize a specific label

You can set a different size for any given label. This is useful for small rooms where the label doesn't fit and large room where the label seems really small in proportion.

To change a specific label size:

  1. Click on the label to select it

  2. press the + (plus) key to make it bigger

  3. Press the - (minus) key to make it smaller

Note: that size is proportional to the "regular" size of all labels, so if you make a label smaller and then adjust the size of all labels, it will get bigger again, but stay smaller than the others.

See below:

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