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Move, rotate and add text labels
Move, rotate and add text labels

Manage labels on an existing floor plan

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All spaces will have their own label, but you can also add extra information to the plan for some specific elements.

You can do that using our QuickEdit tool. Just check the video or read below to learn how to do it.

Video instructions

Move a label

  1. Click on the label to select it, it will be highlighted in blue

  2. Click and drag the label to the position you want.

  3. Release to validate the placement

Rotate a label

  1. Click on the label to select it, it will be highlighted in blue

  2. You can use your keyboard and press “.” (period) to rotate 90 degrees clockwise or “,” (comma) to rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise. Alternatively, you can click on the blue dot above the text and drag it to rotate to the desired angle.

Free text label

Adding a text label

  1. Select the floor that you want to edit with the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

  2. Click on the + button on the menu on the left.

  3. In the submenu that appear, click on the Free Text button.

  4. In the floor plan, click at the location where you’d like the center of your label to be. Start typing and press enter to save.

  5. Once the label is created you can select it to then move and rotate it.

Cancel or remove a label

Cancel the label you just added

Simply press the undo button in the top menu to get rid of the label.

Remove an existing element

Even if you open the floor plan days later, you can still remove your label:

  1. Click on the label to select it

  2. Once selected the label is highlighted in blue

  3. Press the backspace key to delete

GLA floor plan

At the moment label placement is automated on GLA floor plan and won't follow changes.
Additional text won't be displayed either.

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