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External walls inclusion based on property type
External walls inclusion based on property type

How GLA calculation works for external walls for different architectural style such as townhouses or apartments

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Rules and rendering per property type

This is a summary of the rules as they should be applied when following ANSI-Z765 standard. We also included a visual guideline in the end

Single Unit property

All external walls are included in the GLA.

Townhouses & row houses

For shared walls the internal half (to the centerline) is included in the GLA. Other external walls are included in the GLA.


All external walls are excluded from the GLA.

How to read the GLA floor plan

When you download the GLA floor plan, the external wall will bear a color which informs you of what is included in the GLA.

How do I get the correct calculation ?

Before you start a scan, you need to choose the property type. The calculation and rendered floor plan will follow the rules based on what you chose. This is why it's important that you choose the correct house type from the beginning.

About shared walls

Shared walls are automatically detected by our system. Each wall is treated separately so you can have only 1 shared wall, or 3, it doesn't matter.
Still some particular cases can exist and if you notice something amiss contact our support so they can identify the wall that need some changes.

Other particular cases

We are aware that treatment of GLA can vary form one state to another, and also that some houses or condos might have oddities. See with our support what can and can't be done but in these cases it might be relevant to use Cubicasa as starting point for your report and then adjust the specific elements.

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