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Measurements and GLA
What is the GLA and its dedicated add-on?
What is the GLA and its dedicated add-on?

Measurements based on US standard ANSI-Z765

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GLA - Gross Living Area

When people refer to GLA they actually refer to the Gross Living Area obtained following the measurements precept of the United Standard ANSI-Z765. We've named our add-on that gives you ANSI compliant calculation after it for readability and simplicity.

The GLA add-on produces floor plans and reports which contain detailed calculation of the GLA and will include or exclude spaces following the ANSI rules.

If you need to fully understand the reach of the ANSI standard we recommend getting the actual documentation.
Otherwise read further for summary of the main rules and how they apply.

Bases for calculation

GLA calculation includes all spaces that are:

  • Heated

  • Finished

  • Enclosed

  • Contiguous

  • Permitted

  • with a minimum ceiling height of 7'

As an example: a garage or an unfinished basement are excluded from the calculation, as a finished attic lower than 7' would.

Additional rules

Ceiling height

Rules differ when you have a flat ceiling or a sloped ceiling. For sloped ceilings, provided the highest point is at minimum 7', the area from the highest point to 5' will be accounted for and areas under 5' will not.

External walls

Rules will vary based on the property type and are covered in this dedicated article.

Stairs & openings to below

  • Stairs are included in the floor they descend from.

  • The area below the stairs (regardless of finish or ceiling height) are included in the level on which the stairs land.

  • Openings to the floor below are not included (areas where the stair treads and landings are not considered open to below).

You get more details in our dedicated article.

Bay windows

  • are included if they are floor to ceiling

  • they are otherwise excluded

Specific areas

Below grade

Below grade areas are not included in the GLA calculation.

Accessory Dwelling Units

ADUs are calculated following the same rules, but to qualify as an ADU several criteria must be met. You can read our dedicated article about ADUS here.


Every reference to GLA in Cubicasa documentation and communication is a reference to the United States standard ANSI-Z765. Every output obtained from the GLA add-on in Cubicasa solutions are following this standard. If you live in another country than the US and use our GLA product, you'll probably need to change and adapt a few things.

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