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Learn about naming spaces (rooms) and define their type.

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A common problem with properties is that the way the current owner has arranged it is not necessarily the way it's been designed or the way the next owner will have it. A classic example would be a family with children that left the house and where a bedroom is transformed into an office or a gym. The potential buyers being a couple with a kid will turn the given room into a bedroom again.

You need your plan to be true to what the property is actually and also true to what people see on the picture or while visiting. For that reason we divide the space information in two elements : labels and types.

Space label

So the potential buyers can put the photos in relation to the floor plan you need to name the room following its current layout. We usually name the different spaces according to what they are, but there can be mistakes or simply you'd like to add more detailed labels such as "Guest bedroom" or "Kid bedroom". For that purpose you can freely change the label of any space.

  1. Open the floor plan in our Quick Edit tool.

  2. Click on the label of the space you want to edit.

  3. The space properties pane appears on the right

  4. Click on the name input

  5. Choose from the list of preset names or type your own

Space type

This is the actual "nature" of the space, such as "kitchen", "bedroom", "basement", etc.

While changing the space label, if you pick a name from the list or if what you type matches one of the entries the space type will be changed to reflect that. Therefore if you rename a "bedroom" to "office" the space type will also change from "bedroom" to "office". So you need to change it afterwards if you want it to be different.
If you typed a custom label such as "kid bedroom 1" or "pink bedroom" the space type will remain as it was. This means you might need to also correct the space type to reflect reality.

Undefined spaces

Pay a particular attention when renaming undefined spaces. As said above, changing the label won't necessarily change the space type and, by default, undefined spaces' labels are not printed on the floor plans.

Why is it important

Effect on colors

Colors of spaces that you define in your style are based on the space types. So if a room has the wrong color, you probably want to check its space type.

Effect on GIA and GLA

Space types are used in total area calculation in both Gross Internal Area and Gross Living Area. Always choose what the actual type of a space is, whatever the current owners have done, and use the labels instead to display what you need.

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