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Introduction to GoToScan
Introduction to GoToScan

Have other people scan for you

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Disclaimer: GoToScan is only available in the United States at the moment and is only available to selected customers. Contact us if you're interested.

GoToScan has been designed to allow other people to perform a scan on behalf of a Cubicasa user. For example, if you're a contractor and the home owner is only available after dark or on the weekend, you can have them scan their property at their leisure and you'll receive the order in Cubicasa.

How does it work

You simply need to create an order and enter the email of the person you want to perform the scan. That person will receive an email with a special link that will take them to download our GoToScan app. After the app is downloaded and opened, the unique link will push the order you sent them into their app. They will then be able to perform the scan and upload it like you would with the Cubicasa app.
The main difference is that once the scan is done, they can't do anything else, and the floor plans are delivered to you only.

Step by step

Order & invitation creation

  1. Log in to our web portal

  2. In the menu on the left click Create order

  3. Select Invite 3rd party scanner

  4. Fill in the address of the property

  5. Enter the email address of the person who will perform the scan

  6. Press Send invitation

On the scanner side

The scanner will receive an email with the following instructions:

[YOUR NAME] invited you to scan your home with GoToScan application. Your Order ID is 8f216e38-5d62-4642-8868-3e9cc0xxxxx

The link below is valid for 21 days. You can ask [YOUR NAME] to extend your link validity. Click the button below on your iOS device to start scanning.

If it's your first time scanning, do the following:

  1. Follow the button on the email to 'Launch GoToScan'

  2. You will be directed to install GoToScan from the AppStore

  3. Watch the scanning instructions carefully

  4. When the app asks, choose "Allow Paste" so the order populates in your account

    Note - if the app doesn't populate the order automatically after download, you can return to the email and follow the button again.

  5. Start scanning!

They will have a button and a link that will take them to download the app. They need to follow the steps indicated by the phone which will lead them to scan. The scanning process and the upload are similar to the CubiCasa app.

Check out the video to see the 3rd party scanner's experience:

After the scan upload

The order will disappear from the 3rd party scanner's GoToScan app. The order will appear as any order in your account on the web portal and you will be able to download the floor plan or other assets as you see fit, and even order additional products if you need to!

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