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Our snapshot feature is designed to allow appraiser, inspector, constructor, and others who need to report on specific aspect of a property. It allows to save time by avoiding to tour the property twice, once for the scan and then for pictures.

Snapshots are not yet available on Android. Read more here.

How to take Snapshots

  1. Start a scan in the mobile app, on the left of the record button is the button to take snapshots.

  2. While the scan is ongoing, simply press it to take a snapshot.

  3. When you take a picture the count of snapshots will be updated on the right side of the record button.


  • Snapshots have to be taken in portrait otherwise it will affect the scan.

  • Snapshots have to be taken during the scans. You can't add pictures taken with a different app or camera

Retrieving the pictures

At the end of the scan, and prior to finalizing the order, you can save the pictures to your phone's camera roll. To do so, on the screen after finishing the scan: press the Snapshots button (with the download icon).

PLUS (and 3D)

If you buy the PLUS or PLUS 3D package, your pictures will be uploaded alongside the scan. You will be able to access them from the order in Cubicasa app and web portal.
Snapshots can be downloaded as jpg files and also within a PDF report with their position on a floor plan.

Other packages

If you don't select a PLUS package, the pictures will be deleted from Cubicasa when you'll send your scan for processing. But the app will remind you of the snapshots and offer you to save them before going further (unless you disabled the warning).

Remember to save the pictures on your phone if you don't order PLUS or you will irreversibly lose them.


Can I upgrade to Plus after the original scan is sent?

Yes, but you won't get a snapshot reports as no pictures will exists on Cubicasa side.

Can I upload snapshots I saved or other pictures after the scan to get a snapshot report?

No, pictures need to be taken during the scan so their position on the floor plan is known.

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