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Define styles for labels and texts
Define styles for labels and texts

Set font, color, style and casing for text elements of your floor plan

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Most texts can be styled on your floor plans. As you can see on the example below, space labels, including measurements, and floor labels can be styled to match your brand or simply gives a nice touch and personality to your floor plans.

This style is based on the Earth tone style we provide and enriched with Lobster Two font in sienna.

What text can I change?

  • Floor plan labels: which include space labels, measurements, and floor labels. All are bound to the same style

  • Disclaimer: as this text can be longer and readability is probably more important than look, the style can be defined separately.

What can I change, and how?

First, go to the styling tool in Cubicasa.

  1. Log in the web portal

  2. Click on Settings in the menu on the left

  3. Select the Styling

  4. Click the edit button of an existing style or press the Create new button

  5. In the style scroll down until you find Labels text style and Disclaimer text style and click one of them to edit the options.

Font Family

Out default font is Verdana but you can choose from the list (scroll or type the name) any font available on Google font. We suggest you visit the service to see and test how it could look like, and will also help you for the second option.

Font Style

Font can be more or less bold, may exist in italic... The options in the list are all the one that are available. If you don't find the italic option and really want it, you'll need to find another font. Again we strongly advise you to go and test on Google font prior to defining your options here.

Font color

As for other color choices available on the floor plan you can choose the color from the color picker and enter the hexdecimal code.
Note: remember you can have spaces of different colorsand if the color you choose, green for example, might render nicely on the white background, on wet spaces with a blue background it may be hard to read.

Font casing

Casing has an impact on readability, this option is important especially for the disclaimer. The option list will provide some example and here are a the definition of each option with the actual casing they describe.

  • "title": Every Word Has Its First Letter Capitalized

  • "sentence": Only the first word has its first letter capitalized


  • "lowercase": no capital letters at all

Validating your choices

Once you've pressed OK, you'll see the recap of your choices on the main screen.

But you still need to save the style's changes! So remember to scroll down and press save.

Can I style the area measurement recap?

Not yet, we're working on changes for this element and will bring styling options in the future when this is done. Meanwhile we prefer to ensure the total area is clearly readable.

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