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Add additional elements to an existing floor plan

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In order to give a better understanding of some part of a plan, or to show some possible transformation you sometimes need to draw some additional elements or add some specific measurements.

You can do that using our QuickEdit tool. Just check the video or read below to learn how to do it.


Video instructions

Drawing a line

  1. Select the floor that you want to edit with the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

  2. Click on the + button on the menu on the left.

  3. In the submenu that appear, choose between solid line, dashed line and measurement

  4. To draw a line simply click on the floor plan where you want to start
    then click where you want to create an angle or where you want the line to end.

    ​Note: measurement lines can only be straight lines

  5. Press the ESC key to end the creation of the line. Once its created you can select it and move it anywhere on the floor plan.

Cancel or remove an element

Cancel the element you just draw

Simply press the undo button in the top menu to get rid of the line.

Remove an existing element

Even if you open the floor plan days later, you can still remove your line:

  1. Click on the line to select it

  2. Once selected the area covered by the line is highlighted in blue

  3. Press the backspace key to delete

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