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Enable/disable options and set default for your users

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Enabling and setting packages and add ons as default

As a manager, you can decide which packages and add ons your users and collaborators can use for their order and also which should be in the order by default.

Setting default let you speed up the post scan session if you are used to order the same thing. Disabling add ons or packages let you have control on what your users are allowed to do.

How to set it up

  1. Go to our web portal and log in to your account

  2. In the left menu go to Settings > Order

  3. The screen is divided in 2 parts, Packages and Add ons, for each

    1. define which should be enabled by checking the enable box

    2. define which you want selected as default for new orders

Note about add ons

Add ons can only be selected by a user if they are enabled and will only show if the right package is selected (see below).

Add ons availability per package

Add ons availability depends on the package you choose.

Available with all packages

  • GLA report to produce ANSI-Z765 compliant floor plan and detailed calculation

  • 6h turnaround to receive your floor plan in 6 hours (does not apply to 3D products)

Available with PLUS & PLUS 3D

  • CAD files to reuse the floor plan in 3rd party programs

Available With PLUS 3D

Complementary informations

Draft orders

If the order was created from a draft, the user can't change the package nor the add ons. We will use the add-ons selected when the draft order was created.
Changes can be made only once the scan has been submitted.

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