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Only the managers have access to the Settings page.

You can access it by clicking on “Settings” on the left side column.

Under “Settings”, you have 4 tabs (General, Styling, Offices & Users, and Developers).

General tab:

Under the General page, you have 4 subcategories (General, Billing, Account Defaults, and Delete Account).


Here you can find your company’s name, VAT ID, customer type (Agent, Appraiser, Photographer, and Other), and the country. You can modify the first 3 at any time. For security reasons, you cannot modify the country.

Settings general


Here you can update your credit card details, and view your invoices.

Billing tab

Account Defaults

  • Here you can select the default for the following:

    • Allow the collaborators to create orders without drafts (if this option is selected, it means the collaborators can submit scans without draft orders if this is NOT selected the collaborators will only be able to submit scans when they are attached to draft orders).

    • Select an email address (from one of the managers) to receive the delivery emails for orders done by the collaborators.

    • Enable or disable the available add-ons on the mobile App for your users (all of them)

    • Select the default add-ons you want to receive on all your orders

    • The add-ons available are:

      • 6h turnaround

      • Fixed Furniture

      • GLA Report

Account Defaults

Delete Account

Here you can request to delete your account. Please bear in mind that once you delete the account, all the users’ and collaborators’ accounts will also be deleted at the same time, and you cannot recover them if you wish.

Styling Tab:

Here you can create your custom styles, you can find all the details about it here.

Offices & Users:

Here you can manage your users and offices, you can add new users, and edit current users’ details.

Offices & Users

Once you click on the office you can see all users inside that office, you can edit the office’s name by clicking on the pencil icon beside its name, and if you wish to edit the user’s details you just need to click on the pencil icon beside their details:

Users inside the office

You are able to edit the following details for each user:

  • Their first and last name

  • Their email address

  • Their role (Access level for user)

  • The office they should belong to

Edit user's details

Developers Tab:

Here you can get your API Key, which enables access to the following services:

  • CubiCasa Integrate API

  • Exporter API

  • Quick Edit

Learn more from our developers’ page.

Keep your API key safe! Practice caution whenever sharing this API key.

Developers Tab

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