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Order add on after the original purchase
Order add on after the original purchase

You just sent your order and realize you need more?

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What happened if you just sent us a scan and realize you forgot to order the fixed furniture? Or how do you handle that customer finally asking for a 3D render?

Don't worry, we have you covered as you can order add ons after your original purchase.

How to order additional products

On the web portal

  1. Log in to your acocunt on the web portal

  2. Go to your Dashboard or Orders tab, and select the order you want to upgrade.

  3. Once you are on the order page you can order 2D and 3D products

    1. in the 2D products tab click the "order more" button

    2. in the 3D products tab click the "order 3D products" or the "order more" button

  4. Make your selection and confirm the order

On mobile

  1. Click on "My Orders" and under the Processed tab, select the processed order you want to upgrade.

  2. Click on "Order More"

  3. Select the product options you want and select "Preview Order", then "Place the Order" to complete the transaction.

Notes about the post purchase product delivery

2D products

Fixed furniture

Delivery should happen within 24 hours after the add on purchase, however, we always do our best to deliver as fast as possible.


The GLA will be available within a few minutes, please refresh the page and download the GLA Package.

3D Products

All products will be delivered within 48 hours after the add on purchase.


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