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Do your floor plans follow any industry standards?
Do your floor plans follow any industry standards?

We support ANSI-Z765

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We offer a digital GLA floor plan which follows the ANSI-Z765 standard and is dedicated to US appraisers. These plans are accepted by the main industry players such as Fannie Mae. For more details you can check our dedicated GLA FAQ.

The GLA floor plan, alongside the specific area calculation it contains can be purchased as an add-on (even once the original listing floor plan has been produced.

About our "basic" floor plans

We don't follow a specific standard for our regular floor plan. One of the main reason is that these floor plans are highly customizable and you can easily decide what information should or should not appear on them.
This being said, we do provide accurate and close to reality measurements on all our floor plans regardless of any add-on you have (or not) purchased.

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