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Define colors for your plans
Define colors for your plans

Use ready made color themes or choose your own

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Among the different settings of the floor plan style, colors are an important element. But we are not all expert nor designer, so to avoid you hours of testing for which colors match together we have prepared some default style that you can use as is, or as a starting point for your style colors.
But you're always free to create your own color scheme.

First, go to the styling tool in Cubicasa.

  1. Log in the web portal

  2. Click on Settings in the menu on the left

  3. Select the Styling

  4. Click the edit button of an existing style or press the Create new button

Start with a preset using default styles

Scroll to Default style and choose between our 6 ready made styles:

Black & White, Elegant, Wet Space highlight, Earth Tones, Grayscale, Blueprint

Once you have selected a style it will apply the values to each color option. You can then edit everything to adjust to your liking.

Customize your colors

You can set colors for given elements and space types:

  • Walls

  • Floor (default for all indoor spaces)

  • Outdoor spaces (balconies, decks, patios, porches, terraces, verandas, courtyard, yards, garden, court)

  • Wet spaces (Half bath, Full bath, Toilet, Laundry, Sauna)

  • Bedroom

  • Background (for the whole document)

  • Fixed furnitures

  • Swimming pool

Important! Space colors are based on the space type, not the label. If you rename an "office" into "bedroom", it won't change color, you need to change its space type. Read more about it here.

Set a color

  1. Scroll to the colors section

  2. Click the input of the color you want to change.

  3. in the color selector you can pick preselected colors (including transparent), change the hue or enter an hexadecimal code provided by your design team.

Fonts colors

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