How to edit floor plans

Using our QuickEdit tool

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Need to rename a room? Adjust a label size? Or add some extra measurements?
We have you covered with our QuickEdit tool which is accessible for free on any floor plan you ordered from us.

Access the QuickEdit

  1. Go to our web portal and log in to your account

  2. Click on Orders in the left menu

  3. Open the order you’d like to edit

  4. Click on the Actions button on the top right.

  5. Select Use Quick Edit in the dropdown menu

  6. The Quick Edit tool will open in a new tab.

Alternatively, in step 3, on the line of the order you want to edit, click the 3 dots button and then Quick edit floor plan.

What can you do with the tool

Basic tools

Fixed furniture

These are only accessible if you bought the fixed furniture add-on.

  • Resize, reorient, move existing fixed furnitures

  • Add and remove fixed furniture

  • Draw custom fixed furniture


The Quick Edit tool only works on computer (Windows & MacOS) with Chrome and Edge.

We have no plan of supporting other platforms or web browsers.

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