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What do you get when ordering 3D floor plan, and what are the available options

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This product lets you get a 3D modelization of the scanned property. As the goal of this product is to give a better visualization and a true sense of space, it automatically includes fixed furniture.

Materials, colors & textures

We try to reproduce the materials of the property. Wooden or tiled floor, wall painted in blue, wallpaper, etc. We can't guarantee a perfect match with reality, but we're trying to get as close to reality as we can. In the end a wood tone might be slightly darker or lighter, but it won't change the overall feeling for viewers. They will keep a great sense of how it feels like to be in the property.


Loose furniture let potential buyers get the best feeling of space of a property. How much space is left once table and chairs have been added in the dining room? Would a 2 or 3 seat sofa fit better?

Furnished house

We'll try to replicate the type of furniture currently in place, or find furniture that are close in terms of style. Some furniture might be omitted or modified to enhance the rendering, especially in cluttered spaces.
By no means will it be an exact replica as the goal is to give a feel of the property.

Empty house

We'll virtually furnish the property so potential buyers can evaluate the potential of their future home. We'll add beds in bedrooms, a sofa in the living room, etc...
No specific demand can be made regarding the style of furniture as we use a standardized furniture set.

Labels & Measurements

We don't print labels nor measurements on 3D floor plan.

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