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How to update your photographer profile and join the Preferred Photographer Program

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Our "Preferred Photographer Program" is for professional real estate photographers in the U.S. and Canada who want to partner with us to provide a floor plan with Every Photo Shoot.


We provide many benefits when you join our Preferred Photographer Program, such as:

  • Top placement for your Preferred Photographer profile on the CubiCasa website and through the CubiCasa web app; Photographers are displayed in our directory according to scan volume

  • White labeled social media posts for you to use to announce that you have joined our network

  • One 3D marketing bundle at no charge, so that you can test and create your own examples of these powerful marketing assets

  • 25% discount on all optional add-ons (for example, fixed furniture, Digital GLA™, rush delivery, large properties surcharge, and 3D products)

  • 12-hour expedited priority delivery on every 2D order at no charge, instead of the standard 24 hour delivery target

  • Premium, direct customer support

  • Unlimited number of change requests on 2D products

  • Early access to new product features

Additional MLS benefits

In areas where we have an MLS partnership, all benefits above, plus:

  • If possible, we include information about our local Preferred Photographers as part of the training webinars (live and recorded) for MLS subscribers. This directs those who would like to find a provider immediately right to our Preferred Photographer group.

  • Partnered MLSs will include a CubiCasa tile on their member dashboard where subscribers will be able to access our photographer network.

  • We’ll help you sponsor your local Realtor events with up to $100 credit to your CubiCasa account to help offset your expenses. Send us your proposal, we will evaluate, and if approved we will issue your credit.​

Book a meeting

If you would like to book a meeting to learn more about the program, please book a time with your Strategic Partnership Manager here, or visit our FAQs page here.

Apply for the program​

When you are ready to apply to be a Preferred Photographer, and your website and/or pricing page now includes the "floor plan included with every photo shoot" messaging, follow these steps:​

  1. Log in to our web portal

  2. Go to your Settings > General

  3. Make sure your Customer type is (or change it to) "Photographer"

  4. Go to the Billing tab and make sure your current plan is “Pay-as-you-go President” and you have added your credit card details.

  5. Go back to the General tab

  6. Under Photographer Profile click the link “Edit Photographer Profile”.

  7. Fill in or update your profile

  8. Scroll all the way to the end of the application, and toggle the switch to apply as a Preferred Photographer.

We will follow up with you shortly with your approval or any questions on your application. If you have any questions on joining our network, or on your application please reach out to our community manager,

If your plan is set as “In-App President”, you cannot see the link, or have any questions, please contact our support team by chat or send an email to we will be happy to assist you.

* Discounts do not stack: You get 25% discount

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