Large property fees

For scans over 5000sqft (or 465m2)

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If you scan more than 5.000ft² (or 465m²) you will be charged additional processing fees. We'll explain here why and how we apply these fees.

Please note that we take into account the scanned area not the actual size of the property once the floor plan is done. You can read more about what is the scanned area in this article.

Why do you charge an extra processing fee?

Larger properties require additional time and effort to be processed: they simply cost more to produce. After studying our customers' behavior, we've set a limit that seemed fair to keep providing low-cost floor plans to a large majority of our customers: only 10% of our orders are impacted by these fees.

Also, larger properties tend to sell at a higher price, therefore it's easier to pass along that extra fee. Again, it helps keep floor plans' prices lower for smaller properties.

How do we calculate and apply these fees?

  • Fees are applied for each additional 5.000ft² (465m2) of scanned area after the first 5.000.

  • Fees are different depending on the product range:

    • If you order 2D products we'll add 15$/€ to your order per additional 5.000ft²

    • If you order 3D products we'll add 35$/€ to your order per additional 5.000ft²

  • Fees apply per product range: you pay an extra fee for 2D products AND for 3D products but if you order multiple products within a range you only pay once for the range.


To better understand check this table below, it gives you the extra fee based on the size of your property and what you order

Total scanned area

only 2D products

2D & 3D products

less than 5.000ft²



between 5.001ft² and 9.999ft²



between 9.999ft² and 14.999ft²



between 14.999ft² and 19.999ft²




Please acknowledge that this article is only for illustrative purposes, and actual prices are confirmed upon the order process. Prices vary based on your location, volumes as well as potential discounts.

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