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FAQs about the Preferred Photographer Program
FAQs about the Preferred Photographer Program

Everything you need to know about the CubiCasa Preferred Photographer Program

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Why did you create this program?

We are on a mission to have a floor plan on every real estate listing in the US because it makes for a better home buying experience. It’s happened in other countries - such as Australia and the UK - and with your help we’re going to make it happen in the US. Photographers are ambassadors to the marketplace about the value of floor plans, and so we wanted to create a special program with unique benefits for photographers that would have them join us on our mission.

Additionally, we are partnering with MLSs across the country and expect to generate increased demand for floor plans. We want to be ready for Realtors who are now aware of floor plans and interested in having them, but prefer to work with someone to provide them - and we would like to send them to our Preferred Photographers for floor plans AND professional photography.

Who can join the program?

Any professional photographer who offers real estate photography to the public, with a CubiCasa account in good standing, may apply for the program. We are currently accepting applications for photographers in North America only.

Important: This program is for photographers who want to partner with us to include a floor plan with Every Photo Shoot.

What are the requirements to join the Preferred Photographer program?

Include a floor plan with every photo shoot.

Adjust the messaging on your website to say, in your own words

“floor plan included with every (interior/real estate/vacation rental) photo shoot”.

What are the benefits of being a Preferred Photographer?

  • Top placement for your Preferred Photographer profile on the CubiCasa website and through the CubiCasa web app; Photographers are displayed in our directory according to scan volume

  • White labeled social media posts for you to use to announce that you have joined our network

  • One 3D marketing bundle at no charge, so that you can test and create your own examples of these powerful marketing assets

  • 25% discount on all optional add-ons (For example, fixed furniture, Digital GLA™, rush delivery, large properties, and 3D products)

  • 12-hour expedited priority delivery on every 2D order at no charge, instead of the standard 24 hour delivery target

  • Premium, direct customer support

  • Unlimited number of change requests on 2D products

  • Early access to new product features

In areas where we have an MLS partnership, all benefits above, plus

  • If possible, we include information about our local Preferred Photographers as part of the training webinars (live and recorded) for MLS subscribers. This directs those who would like to find a provider immediately right to our Preferred Photographer group.

  • Partnered MLSs will include a CubiCasa tile on their member dashboard where subscribers will be able to access our photographer network.

  • We’ll help you sponsor your local Realtor events with up to $100 credit to your CubiCasa account to help offset your expenses. Send us your proposal, we will evaluate, and if approved we will issue your credit.

I’m already a part of the Photographer Network. Is this the same thing?

No, this is a completely different program with new requirements and benefits.

The “Certified Photographer Directory” has been renamed to the "CubiCasa Photographer Network”. Your profile will still be searchable there whether you decide to become a Preferred Photographer or not.

What if my client doesn’t want a floor plan?

No problem. As long as you are offering a floor plan with every shoot, you are not obligated to do a scan if your client declines the service. And a floor plan is not expected if you are not providing interior photographs.

Do I only do a floor plan every time for new clients from your referrals?

No, the Preferred Photographer program is for those who include a floor plan with every photo shoot, for all their clients.

How do you know that photographers are always including a floor plan?

As part of the application process, participating photographers sign an agreement stating that they include a floor plan with every shoot. We review the website for the "floor plan with every photo shoot" messaging before the photographer is approved, and we do periodic website audits.

What If I am already providing a floor plan as a part of another product, such as a Matterport or other virtual tour? Do I have to do a scan too?

You do not.

Do I have to offer free floor plans?

Not at all. You are welcome to use our free version of the floor plans, with any combination of add-ons to create your packages and pricing.

Is it OK if I say that floor plans are available with all shoots, or included in all packages?

No, in order to be a Preferred Photographer, the wording must be that a floor plan is included with Every Photo Shoot. This must be consistent for all photographers who participate in the program.

What if I operate in several locations, but I only include the floor plans in certain markets?

In order to join the program, floor plans must be included in all shoots in all your coverage areas.

What about oversize properties if I am using the free floor plans?

There is an additional processing fee for properties larger than 5000 square feet scanned area. If you anticipate many instances where you would be using the free version on larger properties, please be aware the oversize scan charge will apply.

I provide photography for vacation rentals, not only for real estate. Do I have to do a floor plan on those too?

Yes, to be fair to all photographers, the expectation is that a floor plan is included with all interior photo shoots.

Do volume discounts work for Preferred Photographers?

Discounts do not stack, you always get 25% discount.

How do I get my 3D marketing bundle?

When you join the program, one 3D marketing bundle will be available in your account. Please use the bundle for any new or existing order.

For a new order: scan as usual, add 3D to your order, and upload.

For an existing order: select the order, choose 3D product, and “order more”

When do my benefits take effect?

Your discount and faster processing time take effect when you are approved into the program, and will be applied to your orders going forward from that time. They do not apply retroactively to orders placed during your billing period prior to joining the program. When you are approved into the program we will settle your monthly bill up to your joining date, and start a new billing period for the remainder of the month. Then your regular monthly billing will resume.

How will I know that CubiCasa is promoting me?

Upon request, we can provide simple reporting to show how many times your profile has been shown through the app and/or viewed on our website. In the future we may also share you to additional platforms, and provide more advanced reporting.

How do I sign up?

Make the adjustments to your website, then log into your account, go to your settings, and submit your application. For more detailed information, please see this article. When your request to join the program is received, we will review your website for the “floor plans with Every Photo Shoot” messaging and follow up with you to complete the enrollment process.

Make sure to continue through the application and toggle the "I would like to be in the Preferred Photographer Program" switch to On.

Thank you for your interest in our Preferred Photographer Program!

If you have additional questions about implementing this for your business, please book a meeting with your dedicated Strategic Partnership Manager here to learn more.

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