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If you're using an iOS device you will notice that our app asks you to scan in portrait mode, when most of our videos and material display scanning in landscape mode.
While it can be confusing, do what your app tells you, it knows better! But let us cover all the details and clarify things.

Why are we changing to portrait mode?

We've been doing research and testing in the past years, and after thorough testing with actual users we confirmed that portrait scanning results in less errors and increases accuracy.
One reason behind our choice and the results is that holding the phone in portrait is more natural and help people scan more "naturally".
The portrait mode also allows to capture more details such as ceiling heights, high windows, windows sill, etc. All this helps to increase accuracy of the floor plans.


How do I know if I have portrait scanning enabled?

Your app will instruct you on what to do: if you're in portrait mode it will tell you to turn it to an upright position. In any case, always follow what the app instructs you to do, it prevails over any documentation you might read or video you can watch.

Portrait scanning takes more time because it's not as wide

The truth is that the video captured during a scan is closer to a square rather than a rectangle. In landscape mode, part of the view was cropped for a better experience. We had the same cropping on the first versions of portrait scanning which could give that feeling. In the end, the width covered is really close to what it was and has no real impact on the scan duration.

Can I go back to landscape mode?

Unfortunately no. We understand that nobody likes changing their habits but you have to trust us on this: your scan will give better results in portrait mode.

Is it coming to Android?

Yes, we're actually rolling it out some you might be up to date soon!

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