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Disclaimer: as we are transitioning to portrait scanning, please note that some instructions could be outdated. We're doing our best to update things for a smooth transition. You can read more about it here.


We highly recommend to watch the following video which covers everything you need to know:

List of best practices

  1. Make sure you scan the whole property in one scan (including all floors and any detached garage/porch).

  2. Start scanning on the lowest floor and work your way upwards. We recommend you start from the entrance but do whatever works best for the building you are scanning. Scan one floor completely before moving to the next. Do not go back and forth between floors during the scan.

  3. Hold the camera steady with both hands and walk at a normal walking pace.

  4. Keep the device at chest height. In landscape mode tilt it slightly downwards.

  5. Avoid rapid movement. Hold the camera steady with both hands and walk at a normal and calm walking pace.

  6. Always point the camera in the walking direction. No need to show more than 3 feet (1 meter) of the wall.

  7. Walk forward (not sideways).

  8. Scan no closer than 5 feet (1.5 meters) and no farther than 11 feet (3 meters) from objects. This is the optimal range for data collection.

  9. Do not open doors during the scan, however, if you must open doors while scanning, please, point the camera of the device away from the door while you open it.

  10. Avoid covering the lens.

  11. Scan small spaces through the door opening without entering the space.

  12. In small rooms, back out to avoid turning around.

  13. If there is fixed furniture or windows, stop, pan up to show the furniture or the bottom of the window, then pan down. Make sure you are stationary when you do this.

  14. You should only scan ceilings that are less than 7 feet.

  15. Scan the ceiling at a slight upwards angle, so that the ceiling and other context are visible in the frame.

  16. Do not scan directly under the ceiling you are capturing.

  17. Do not scan the ceilings for over 5 seconds.

How to scan – best practices in other languages

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