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Kwik Model integration
Kwik Model integration

Import your floor plan in Kwik Model

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Disclaimer: This is only available to Kwik model beta testers. Contact us if you wish to join the beta program.

On Cubicasa side

How to download the file

  1. Log in to your account on our web portal

  2. Select Orders in the left menu

  3. Select the wanted order

  4. Scroll down to the Download section and look for the Reports section

  5. Click on Property Data to download the file

Old orders

If your scan was done prior to 02/01/24 you need to re-generate the plan. Go to the order, and in the 2D section click Actions, then Use another style and then click Change style. Then wait a couple of minutes a recheck the order.

On Kwik Model side

For any issues on that side please contact

  1. Click on File, and then Cubicasa Development

  2. Click New file and Import

  3. Select the file you downloaded from Cubicasa and click Open

  4. Set the floors room and floor heights

  5. And here you go!

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