Volume Based Discount
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When using CubiCasa you benefit from an automatic volume discounts.

When you reach 20 or more scans during your billing period, you will automatically get 10% discount on your invoice. And the more scans, the higher the discount.

Here is a table to recap the different discount levels:

Number of scans during your billing period

Discount You Receive on the Standard Pricing

From 20 to 199


From 200 to 999


More than 1.000


What counts towards discount

Any order where you spend money on, either through add ons, charges for large properties, or 3D products. Free scans do not count towards volume discount.

What is discounted

The discount applies to:

What is excluded

The discount doesn't apply to:

  • Extra change requests (after the free included ones have been used)

  • 3D products (including their add-ons and large properties charge)

Other discounts and partnership

The Preferred Photographer discount applies to all add-ons from the first scan, and then the above pricing applies. Discounts do not stack: We will apply the one best discount available to your monthly billing cycle based on your monthly scan volume.

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