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Control the available options for 2D floor plans

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Available add ons

When order a floor plan from us you have access to 3 add ons:

  • Fixed Furniture, such as kitchen and bathroom elements

  • GLA report to produce ANSI-Z765 compliant floor plan and detailed calculation

  • 6h turnaround to receive your floor plan in 6 hours (does not apply to 3D products)

Enabling or disabling add ons

As a manager, you can decide which add ons your users and collaborators can use in an order and also which should be in the order by default.

The base set up is that all add ons are enabled and none is set by default
For example you can:

  • Encourage the fixed furniture but let user remove it (add on enabled and set as default)

  • Force the fixed furniture on all floor plans (add on disabled but set as default)

  • Prevent the use of fixed furniture (add on disabled and not set as default)

How to set it up

  1. Log in to your account on the Web Portal.

  2. Go to Settings > General

  3. Select the Account Defaults tab.

  4. Select the Add-on you want to enable/disable on the App

  5. Select the add ons you want to activate by default

The above setup translate as:

  • 6 hours turnaround can be used

  • GLA report can not be used

  • Fixed furniture are forced on every floor plan

Users view

It shows as follow on the mobile app: disabled add on choice are greyed out and show a lock icon, and default add on are checked.

Other informations

Draft orders

If the order was created from a draft, even if you have the add-ons enabled for your users, they will only be able to make changes after they submit the scan. We will use the add-ons selected when the draft order was created.


Prices may vary based on your location, please refer to our website page for the updated pricing model.

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