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How to request changes on a floor plan
How to request changes on a floor plan
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While you can rename room and adjust style yourselft, sometimes an element can be wrong. In those cases you can submit a Change Request (You can verify here what is covered by change request). Remember that change request are here to correct something that was interpreted and drawn wrongly, we do not offer virtual staging services.

Submit a change request

  1. Log in to your account from our portal

  2. Click on Orders in the left menu

  3. Find the order you need help with

  4. On the line of the order click on the 3 dots button and select Change Request,
    or once opened click on the Change Request button on the right.

  5. Verify your issue is not listed in the common issues, otherwise follow the instructions.

  6. Select the New Request tab and fill in the form.
    We advise you to upload a sketch/draft showing exactly what you want with your explanation or mark up the original floor plan showing the changes. The more information you provide, the better.

  7. Click Send request.

Follow up

When your change request has been submitted, your order status will change to fixing.
You can also see previous change request by reproducing step 1 to 4 and then select the Previous requests tab.

You will receive an email and the status of the order will change to Ready when the request has been fulfilled


Please note that you are entitled to up to 2 free Fix Requests per order.

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