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Allow location on the app
Allow location on the app

Enable this for an automated floor plan orientation

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The App uses GPS on the device to determine the compass, so the user must allow location services on the device to get the compass to their floor plans.

Allow location services from your device settings:


  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select CubiCasa

  3. Click Location

  4. Set Allow location access to While Using the App

  5. Turn on Precise Location


Note that this may vary based on your phone brand.

  1. Open the Settings (it should be in your apps list)

  2. Scroll down to or search for Location and select it

  3. in Location click on App location permissions

  4. Scroll the lists of apps to verify that Cubicasa is in Allowed all the time or Allowed only while in use lists.

  5. To change Cubicasa's setting click on the app entry in the list and change the settings to anything else than Don't allow

Improve location accuracy

If the location is inaccurate, you can try to improve it with these tips:

  • Turn on wi-fi

  • Remove any nearby magnets, for example, a case and pop socket, and restart the device

  • Stay away from metal objects and objects that generate a strong magnetic field

  • Calibrate the compass on your device. Read here on how to calibrate the compass on Android and iOS devices (links to external sites)

Additional information

Edit the orientation after a scan

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