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Cubicasa 3.0 and Android
Cubicasa 3.0 and Android

How to handle things until the mobile release

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First of all, we're sorry for the delay. As there are more brands and potential configurations of Android devices it takes more work to have everything aligned. But don't worry you still can use Cubicasa meanwhile and should get most of it.

Product change and equivalence

Fixed Furniture and PLUS

One of the main change with Cubicasa 3.0 is that you can't order Fixed Furniture as an add on it's now part of PLUS which includes Snapshots and Home reports.

Since the price is the same: ordering Fixed Furniture will result in having the PLUS package with the home report. We can't offer you snapshots since you can't currently take snapshot while scanning. Snapshots will be available in the first half of May for Android.

3D products

If you buy a 3D products in the mobile app you will get the fixed furniture for free, in the new pricing system. As we just mentioned, Fixed Furniture is no more an add-on and the new package PLUS 3D includes the Fixed Furniture.
You will end up paying exactly the same price for the same product, it's just the presentation that do change.

CAD files

In Cubicasa 3.0 CAD files can be ordered as an add on to PLUS or PLUS 3D as fixed furniture are needed.
If you buy CAD files in the mobile app, you will be charged the same price and you will get the fixed furniture add on.

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