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How to create a draft order
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You asked, and we listened! You no longer need an API to create draft orders; you can now create them through our new Web Portal.

What is a draft order? Think about it as a placeholder. As a manager, you enter the property details to save time and make it easy for your users to submit their scans for the correct properties. You can also ensure that your collaborators can only submit scans for the properties you have created the drafts for through your settings.

It’s very simple. To be able to create a draft order you must have a manager role and follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account from the website.

  2. Click on Create Order on the left of your screen.

  3. Click on “From Scan.”

  4. Enter the address (the user can change it on their App before submitting it if needed).

  5. Select the user’s email (this way the order will appear on their phone).

  6. Click on Continue

  7. Select the Packages and add-ons

  8. Review your order summary

  9. Select the turnaround time, and remember that the Express 6-hour option has an extra fee.

  10. Click on Create Order.

After submitting the draft order, it will appear on the user’s phone. The user does not get any notification once the draft is created.

The user just needs to log in and create the scan from the draft order or attach an existing scan to the draft before they can submit it.

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