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Cubicasa 3.0
What are the changes in Cubicasa 3.0
What are the changes in Cubicasa 3.0

A summary of the product changes in Cubicasa

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Here is a rapid recap to help you find the products you used to buy in the new version.

Old version

Cubicasa 3.0

6 hours delivery add on

6 hours delivery options

Fixed furniture add on

PLUS package

GLA add on

GLA add on (with any package)

3D floor plan with optional colors and loose furniture add ons

PLUS 3D: 3D floor plan with colors and loose furniture included

3D video render

3D video add on (with PLUS 3D)

3D Bundle

Plus 3D + 3D video render

CAD files

CAD files add on (with PLUS or PLUS 3D)

In details

6 hours delivery

We simply moved this from add ons to the end of the order confirmation where you choose the delivery.

Fixed furniture add on becomes PLUS

Instead of being an add on we've grouped Fixed furniture with other features including the new Home report and snapshots, keeping the same price.
Read more about the PLUS package


No changes

3D floor plan options

We've simplified the 3D floor plan offer: the vast majority users were ordering materials and loose furniture. And the one that didn't were just testing the solution. So, in order to simplify the ordering process, our 3D floor plan now always include colors, materials and loose furniture.

3D video render and 3D Bundle

Again, based on buying habits and as we try to keep the ordering process simple enough, we've removed the bundle option and the video as a simple stand alone product.
The video render is now an add on available with PLUS 3D

CAD files

CAD files are now presented as an add on available with PLUS and PLUS 3D

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