Change Labels
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  1. Log in to your account from our website

  2. Click on Orders on your left column

  3. Select the order you’d like to edit

  4. Click on the “Quick Edit” button on the top right

  5. The Quick Edit tool will open in a new tab

Quick Edit 1

To change a label

  1. Double-click on the label you want to change

  2. Start typing and a list of pre-populated options will appear, you can either choose from the list or add your own custom label

  3. Press “Enter”

QE 1
QE 2
QE 3
QE 4

If you would like to remove the label completely, you just need to add a couple of spaces, and press enter. If you leave it completely blank, and do not add any text, the final label will be “UNDEFINED”.

QE 5

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